Summer is over and you know what that means: it’s time to get the kids ready for back to school. Not only is it difficult for kids to transition to a new teacher, it’s tough for parents and guardians, too. Taking the time to “share halal” with your child’s teacher at the start of the school year will go a long way and help make the rest of the year go smooth. 

I wanted to make #SharingHalal easy for you – download this back to school checklist & share with your child’s teacher!

Here are a few tips for an easy & halal back to school transition:

Share the concept of halal with your child’s teacher. The word halal translates to “permissible”. When it comes to food, halal often refers to meat prepared in the Islamic way. Some Muslims eat only “halal” meat such as halal chicken, halal beef, etc. Not all Muslims eat “halal” meat, so ensure your child’s teacher knows that this restriction is specific to your child and that they would have to ask other Muslim children’s parents if they had such a restriction, too.

Let the school know that your child does not eat pork or pig products, such as pepperoni or marshmallows. There is no such thing as “halal” pork (although we have super delicious chicken bacon). Gelatin is not halal unless it is indicated as halal gelatin.

Halal Pizza Days! Remind the teacher that pepperoni is a pork product, so your child will opt for a cheese pizza on pizza days or present some halal local pizza places that the school could order pizza from. Other common foods that are not always halal are gummy bears, gummy candies, ham, bacon, wagon wheels, tiramisu, jello, and most items containing vanilla extract.

Pro Tip: Provide your child’s teacher with halal products to substitute into school activities and snacks as needed, such as halal marshmallows, halal gummy candies, and a list of halal restaurants that deliver pizza.

At the end of the day, if your child eats an item that is not halal, it is not the end of the world. Islam is a religion of mercy and intention, after all.

I would love to see how you share halal with your child’s school! Tag @livinghalalzh and @salamsudduf in any of your back-to-school halal experiences! Have a wonderful back to school transition!