Ramadan Mubarak! Although there’s always a bit of hesitation in getting used to not being able to eat all day, it gets better as the month progresses along. Ramadan is a very important month for me and I try my best to involve the kids in celebrating it to the fullest as well. Growing up we used to focus a lot on Ibaadah in Ramadan and I try and incorporate that now as well. Encouraging my kids to watch and listen to friendly and informative Islamic lectures and podcasts that can easily be found online (particularly the stories of the Prophets by Mufti Menk). Hosting family and friends over for Iftaar and involving the kids in prepping food also makes them excited for Ramadan.

We also do a little decor around the house particularly to make the younger kids feel excited. Living in a multicultural country like Canada we are blessed to carry old traditions while incorporating new ones with time easily. My kids are able to keep their fasts while attending school as the teachers are so accommodating and helpful.

Celebrating Ramadan in 2020/2021 was definitely challenging and lonely as we weren’t able to meet family and friends because of the lockdown restrictions. Along with prayers, there was a lot more focus on Ramadan-related crafts like making decorative banners, making DIY Ramadan wreaths and Tasbeehs and baking cookies and treats for neighbours and friends to keep the kids focused. We also did drive-by and socially distanced Iftaar exchanges and Ramadan gift baskets which made the kids happy as well.

In terms of food, we all have a different favourite meal for Sahoor and Iftaar so we try and rotate between making everyone’s favourites throughout the month. We usually have a light Sahoor and make a variety of things for Iftaar focusing more on the kid’s favourites. I love Ramadan as it’s a month of realization of the countless blessings around us. I feel like it makes us pause and reflect on so many things like practicing patience, giving charity to the needy and truly appreciate the importance of food and water. Each year we are reminded of how privileged we are and how important it is to look out for people who struggle for food and water every day. It’s a self-reflection that’s much needed in the hustle and bustle of life nowadays.

Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and blessed Ramadan!

Allah Hafiz ❤️