Muslims and Non-Muslims Must Stand Together to Defeat Islamophobia

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How to be an ally
for Muslims in Canada.

Being an ally for Muslims means more than just having positive thoughts about the community. It means taking real action to stand up against intolerance and hate. Because, if you stay silent, you’re part of the problem. We’ve partnered with the National Council Of Canadian Muslims to create these tips on how to stand together against Islamophobia. Share them with your network and start creating real change.

Zabiha Halal & NCCM

Get Educated

Learn about Islamophobia, the diversity of the Canadian Muslim experience and perspectives, and what you can do to make a positive change through a training course with the National Council Of Canadian Muslims.
Ask the Muslims in your life about their lived experiences and personal stories of dealing with Islamophobia in Canada. By understanding their point of view, you can help identify the right times to stand up and show support.
The more you understand about Islam, the more you can help debunk harmful misconceptions about the community. By learning about what the faith stands for, you will be able to stand up to stereotypes and ignorance.
If you see an act of Islamophobia, say something. Passive support is not enough. Speak in a non-threatening way, deescalate the situation to the best of your abilities, and be prepared to call for help if necessary


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I will stand together with the Muslim community as an ally. I will speak up against acts of hate and intolerance, I will educate myself on my biases and privileges, and I will include and support those facing discrimination. In doing so, I will help to create a better Canada for both Muslims and non-Muslims.