This Is #SharingHalal

We brought a Muslim family and non-Muslim family together to share a meal and an open and honest discussion about what it’s like to live in Canada as a Muslim. At Zabiha Halal, we believe in highlighting our similarities and celebrating our differences. #SharingHalal

Meet the Familes

Umamah & Emad

Umamah, a 33 year-old mom, and her husband Emad moved to Canada from Pakistan last year. The family now lives with their two daughters in Mississauga. Umamah works as a Project Administrator while Emad takes care of their girls, Alishba and Amal.

Umamah is committed to teaching her girls the importance of values like being thankful and kind, especially during Ramadan. The family enjoys gathering around the table and inviting friends and family to their home.

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Daniela & Jonathan 

Daniela is a 34 year-old stay-at-home mom and her husband Jonathan is a teacher. They live in Toronto with their two children, Ella and Jordan. Daniela’s family is originally from Argentina and Jonathan’s family is from Macedonia.

As a family from different backgrounds, they are dedicated to teaching their children about different cultures and religions. They are interested in learning more about Muslim culture, and the challenges of living in this ever-changing society.

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