Our Story

It Begins With You

In 1990, with Canada’s Muslim population growing, the community saw a need for an affordable range of halal food products like sliced meats, hot dogs and burgers. Community leaders reached out to our parent company, Maple Lodge Farms, with one request: to provide delicious and halal food products.

The Green Box is Launched

Working hand-in-hand with the community, Halal certifying bodies, and several global authorities on Halal process, our first line of Halal products entered grocery stores. Based on the ever growing demand for high-quality Halal food, we recognized the Halal consumer deserved a trusted brand all their own. So, in 2004, we introduced the green box and Zabiha Halal was officially launched!

Today, We Are Canada's #1 Halal Brand

For 30 years we’ve worked closely with our community to make the products our customers know and love. To this day we work with Muslim scholars and Halal certification authorities to meet the needs of Canadian Muslim families.

The Zabiha Halal Family

We believe the best products are made by the best people. In addition to our team of blessers, we employ a passionate and dedicated marketing team, including a Manager of Halal Compliance & Community Support, to serve our community with excellence and integrity. Our team works tirelessly to ensure Halal standards are always met.

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