Hello friends!

One of my favourite things about Canada is the distinct beauty of the four seasons. When I first moved to Canada 15 years ago I was mesmerized by the snow. There is something so magical about snow and the joy it brings. Do you remember waking up as a child and peeking outside your window to see the whole world covered in a wispy white blanket? I had forgotten that feeling until I experienced it through the eyes of my daughter a few years ago.

Her first experience in snow, at an age of eight months, was truly one for the books. Since then, we have an annual tradition of playing in the first snowfall, big or small, every single year. I can’t wait until we are able to take her tobogganing next winter, and skiing when she is a little bit older.

While I didn’t grow up in a country with four seasons, I want my daughter to enjoy each season in its entirety. Celebrating the winter, through winter activities such as playing in the snow or sledding, strike me as a unique way to create traditions with our little ones. As a Muslim family, we don’t celebrate other holidays that fall in the winter.  So, to make the winter more fun, enjoying the seasonal activities of winter is something we look forward to and enjoy every year. This little tradition of ours is so precious to me, and something I look forward to every year. Three years in, the tradition is still going strong.

The winter is beautiful, but sometimes with little ones it can be challenging to stay outdoors for a longer period of time. If you are going tobogganing or sledding with your little ones, you will need to be armed with some warm drinks and snacks. This year, after our time in the snow, we decided to have a little craft picnic in the warmth of our home. We brought the snow inside and made a cotton ball snowman adorned with glitter.

All that fun in the snow and crafts sure made for a hungry toddler, so I was so glad I had grabbed some Zabiha Halal popcorn chicken beforehand. You can find them in the frozen section at most major grocery stores and I was so glad I had picked them up right before the first snow sprinkle of the season! The popcorn chicken bakes quickly, and makes for a great snack for both indoor and outdoor winter activities.

I can totally see these popcorn bites being my go-to as a snack on a regular day or for hosting a playdate. You could even top them with some cheese and homemade gravy, to enjoy a fun twist on a Canadian classic – poutine!

This year, I made some more precious winter memories with my daughter marked with a beautiful snow “sprinkle” and some easy and nutritious snacks, thanks to Zabiha Halal. Do you have any annual winter family traditions? Tell me in the comments below.