We all know how super short-lived summers are in Canada, which calls for outdoor activities, especially over the long weekends. I am super duper pumped with the Civic Day Holiday coming up also because we will be doing a CAMPFIRE, YES! But there is no fun without food and what better way to enjoy a campfire than with this favourite summer treat: s’mores!

Good news is that I have come up with a savoury recipe for those who enjoy a variety of flavours and textures with one bite. Before I share my absolute favourite family campfire activities, let’s get started with the s’more shall we?


  • For this recipe we need 4 to 5 slices of Halal Chicken Bacon; I used Breakfast Chicken Bacon Strips by Zabiha Halal easily available at Loblaws, Metro, No frills or any other store nearby. 
  • Marshmallows; by Dandies (Vanilla Flavored, Halal and Vegan) available at any Loblaws, Metro or even Amazon.
  • Wheat Crackers; by President’s Choice in flavour Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic, because I wanted to balance the salty and sweet flavours from bacon and marshmallows. 
  • Chocolate Chips.


  • First, prepare the Halal Bacon in a pre-heated non-stick frying pan with optional 1tsp olive oil, turning the bacon frequently for about 2 to 3 min until crisp and ready. 
  • Next, pre-heat the oven at 400 F. Lay the crackers on a baking tray, place half of the cooked Zabiha Halal bacon strip on a cracker, a Marshmallow,  each topped with one Chocolate Chip. I use less chocolate because I don’t like my s’mores extra sweet. Bake them until marshmallows are golden brown and puffed for about 4 to 5 minutes. Once done, top each with the same wheat cracker to form a s’more sandwich. 
  • Enjoy delicious s’mores while warm. 

To prepare this campfire side, prepare the bacon from home and take all the other ingredients along. Roast the marshmallows on the campfire, which obviously is more fun, and the reason why I am super excited for the weekend, yay.

Personal Favorite Campfire Activities

First, find a place with no ban or illegal campfire, because no one wants an issue later right? My personal favourite place to do campfires or picnics is Humber River Trail, beautiful trail, river, lots of restrooms, animals to watch and has various campfire options.

As a family, I always choose a place where a variety of activities could be enjoyed, some personal favourites are:

  1. Obviously, Make s’mores: I have just shared the recipe and its more fun roasting the marshmallows on fire especially alongside the kids.
  2. Collecting Firewood: My son LOVES helping around, and collecting firewood is super exciting. This is the best activity for families and kids to work together as a team and enjoy at the same time. 
  3. Explore: In this activity, everyone collects different shaped rocks and leaves, keeps the kids super energetic, later discuss each collectable, how it’s unique and pick the favourite one to take back home as a memoir. 
  4. Name that Tune: Been playing this game since my childhood and it’s still fun. In this engaging game, one family member controls the music while others guess the name of the song as soon as the music starts to play. 

So that’s about it, can’t wait to relax by the riverside, explore nature and enjoy yummy food over the long weekend. What are your favourite games/activities to play on picnics or campfires? I would love to read them all.