Happy HALAL-O-WEEN! Why not celebrate Halloween and National Pizza Month together by making spooky pizzas? Not only are they fun to make but they’re also delicious! All you need are your favourite pizza toppings and Zabiha Halal Pepperoni Pizza to use as your base! Give these spooky pizzas a try at your next Halloween party or a pre-trick-or-treat snack for your little monsters!

HOW TO: Create a Scary Face
One of the simplest yet creative ways to “spook-ify” your pizza is by making a scary face out of your favourite pizza toppings. Black olives are great for making eyes and diced veggies can look like teeth or even hair. It’s your pizza; get creative with it!

Scary face pizza

HOW TO: Make Ghosts
Get ghastly by adding ghosts on your Halloween-inspired pizza! You can easily use mozzarella cheese to create the shape of a ghost and use a few black olives to add the finishing touches. Trust us, it’ll look spooky and taste even better.

Cheese ghost halloween pizza

HOW TO: Make Spiders
Want some creepy crawlies on your pizza? Try adding olive spiders! To make the spider, all you need are full black olives for the body and olive slices for the legs. If you want to take it up a notch, you can make spider webs out of your favourite cheese!

Halloween olive spiders on pizza

HOW TO: “Mummify” Your Pizza
To easily “mummify” your pizza, you will need strips of cheese. Take the strips and criss-cross them across the pizza to mimic the appearance of a mummy. You will also need black olives to use as eyes, which will poke out from under the cheese. This works best on mini pizzas, but if you have enough cheese, you could experiment with a larger pizza pie!

And those are our top picks for a spectacularly scary slice! Don’t forget, Zabiha Halal Pepperoni Pizza is also delicious on its own and perfect for a quick weekday dinner. Pick one up today.

pepperoni pizza