As family day approaches and the brief west-coast winter leaves us, I am feeling incredibly thankful and blessed to be surrounded with both my biological family, and my extended friend-family. While every day is “family day”, it is nice to have a dedicated holiday specifically for family!

So, this family day long weekend, in typical west-coast fashion, we will be doing something outdoorsy (weather permitting, of course!). I am really excited to take our daughter to Grouse Mountain, where they have a full day of kid friendly activities planned for family day weekend. In fact, a lot of tourist attractions do this, and I encourage you to check out what fun (and even free!) activities there are in your area.  If you are ever in Vancouver or the greater Vancouver area, Grouse Mountain has oodles of stimulating and engaging activities for your little ones, while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Spending a fun day out on the family long weekend means that by day two and three of the long weekend, my daughter will be tired and want to stay indoors. We live in fairly tight quarters in Vancouver, and to entertain a toddler on any given day is quite the feat with limited space and supplies. So, we will double up on her favourite activity – being in the kitchen! She is obsessed with kitchens, utensils and all things “fake food”. In fact, she can serve you up a mean burger in her cute little joint.

A fun idea to keep your little ones occupied in the kitchen for some time, while also making it easy and little work for you, is to have a “pizza decorating party” with a store-bought pizza! Cut up your child’s favourite toppings, open a Zabiha Halal Pepperoni Pizza, and let them go wild. I mean, worst case scenario – you may end up with a little cheese on the floor or some missing toppings, but they’ll have fun doing it! Get your little one to decorate the pizza in a fun smiley face or whatever they like!  Letting your little ones be creative in a safe way can be a great bonding activity that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home – no winter gear required!

My daughter loves eating peppers and onions, and I love jalapeños on a pizza. We did a test run and used those toppings (I handled the jalapeños) to spruce up a ready-to-go Zabiha Halal Pepperoni Pizza that I picked up from my local grocery store.

Let me tell you that my little one has been asking to “bake pizza with mama” since then and we are definitely going to be repeating this activity on the family day long weekend! Who knows, maybe this will become a tradition for future Family Days!

Do you have any plans or traditions that you do for Family Day? If you don’t, go to your nearest grocery store, stock up on Zabiha Halal’s Pepperoni Pizza and have yourself a pizza decorating party with your kids! You will not be sorry!

Until next time!