Family Day is a relatively new holiday in Canada and many families are still forming traditions around it. It’s definitely a welcome break after the busy Christmas holidays and before the spring break in March. Since the weather is still quite cold in February, especially here in Ontario, many families engage in activities such as visiting museums, watching movies, skating, and taking part in craft activities happening at local libraries, community centres and at home.

One of my favourite ways to spend the chilly Family Day holiday is by holding a Games Night at home. Whether it’s with my immediate family, my siblings or in-laws, games night always proves to be a really fun way to spend time together. We have a good combination of adults and kids in our family so I make sure there are games for everyone. The adults’ favorites games to play are Cards, Monopoly, Taboo & Jenga. We form teams and get super competitive which is the most fun part about it all. As for the kids, they love playing Uno or Snakes & Ladders. I usually let my daughter be the leader of the kids’ group and they keep themselves busy pretty well, only ever coming to nag us for snacks.

This brings me to an important part of the night – the food. It’s what everyone gathers around. When it comes to get togethers such as these, I am a huge believer in keeping the menu simple and easy. This is why I love to bake Zabiha Halal frozen goodies as snacks. They are super easy to make, ready within 20 minutes and just so flavourful! While I go for an easy menu, I never compromise on taste. The best part about them is that kids love them too so I don’t have to worry about making any special arrangements for them.

The favourites in our family are Popcorn Chicken , BBQ-style Chicken Wings and Chicken Fries. The Popcorn Chicken and Chicken Fries are breaded and seasoned perfectly. I like to serve them with ketchup, a side of fries and fruit punch – best combination ever!  The Chicken Wings are probably my favourite Zabiha Halal product. They bake within 25 minutes and are so juicy, tender and delicious with the BBQ sauce. An instant favourite for anyone who tries them! If you follow me on Instagram @TheInspiredAccountant, you will know through my Stories that I make them all the time!


So that’s how we like to do it. Popcorn, Fries and Chicken Wings – can’t go wrong with that!

What are some Family Day traditions in your family? Let me know in the comments below or connect with my on the Zabiha Halal Instagram Page.

Me and the team and Zabiha Halal wish you a wonderful Family Day!

With lots of love,