Zabiha Halal Releases #SharingHalal Video in New Campaign

May 06, 2019 – Brampton, ON – Zabiha Halal, Canada’s #1 Halal brand, has released a campaign capturing what it’s like to live in Canada as a Muslim. The #SharingHalal campaign aims to celebrate both similarities and differences by bringing a Muslim and non-Muslim family together to share a meal together and engage in an open and honest discussion about Islam.

The campaign was launched during the holy month of Ramadan – the time of year where Muslims around the globe fast from sunrise to sunset – and sheds light on topics that are important to the Muslim community.

“This Ramadan, we wanted to share stories on behalf of the Muslim community and let others understand why fasting is observed and the significance of the month for Muslims,” says Lucas Metz, Associate Brand Manager for Zabiha Halal. “Zabiha Halal wanted to bring real families together to share their similarities but also celebrate their differences. The #SharingHalal video is beautiful, powerful and we hope it will inspire others to Share Halal with their friends and communities.”

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About Zabiha Halal

Zabiha Halal, created by Maple Lodge Farms, is Canada’s #1 brand for quality Halal products. As the first chicken processor in Canada to produce Halal products, Maple Lodge Farms has been serving the Muslim community since 1990.

Working hand in hand with the community, leading Muslim scholars and certification organizations from around the world, Maple Lodge Farms developed what has become the nation’s largest line of certified Halal food products. From those humble beginnings, the brand continues to grow and evolve with the Muslim community, offering new products that meet consumers’ desire for greater variety in Halal foods. Nearly 30 years since its inception, Zabiha Halal is proud to be Canada’s #1 Halal brand.

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