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How to Halal-ify School Pizza Day

School pizza days can make for some awkward discussions in Halal households. Little ones get so excited talking with their friends about ordering pizza, how much they love pizza, and what their favourite type of pizza is. And while no one wants to rain on the pizza parade, when you want your family to live Halal in the Canadian school system, there are some things parents need to take into account.

Sure, you could tell your kids to stick to plain cheese pizza, but wouldn’t it be better if they had the same options as the non-Halal kids?

Luckily, you’ve got options. More brands are working to become halal-conscious, so with just a little extra help from Mom and Dad, Halal kids can maximize their school pizza day participation!

Here are three ways to halal-ify school pizza day:

Ask your school to order pizza from a Halal chain.
There are so many offerings for Halal pizza now. Even big chains, including Pizza Pizza, offer Halal pepperoni! Find out where your child’s school is ordering their pizza from. There’s a chance the store may offer Halal toppings! If not, it never hurts to ask to switch chains.

Buy Halal pizza and make it at home or school.
Some kids are just so picky that cheese pizza isn’t an option! Fortunately, we’ve got a Halal pepperoni pizza that can easily be heated up at school.

It’s never too early to teach your kids what’s Halal and what’s not.
When kids attend public school they learn about diversity every day – which is great! But it can also be tough when kids are in the cultural minority to learn what being Muslim is all about! That’s why it’s extra important for parents to start the cultural conversations early, so your kids learn about their heritage from a trustworthy source. This will make them feel like they are making knowledgeable choices and can even help educate their non-Muslim friends!

How do you handle pizza day at your child’s school? Let us know on the Zabiha Halal Facebook Page!

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