7 Ideas for your Winter Bucket List

The winter months may lead to empty spaces in your schedule, which were previously occupied by soccer matches, barbecues and picnics in the park. With extra time on your hands, you have the opportunity to cultivate new passions and experience adventures. What do you hope to do this season that you don’t usually do the rest of the year? In the spirit of resolutions, here are some ideas for your winter bucket list.

1. Ice skating and other snow-filled activities. Instead of avoiding the cold this winter, why not embrace it? Rent some skis and hit the slopes, go ice-skating in an outdoor rink, or build a snowman in your front yard. Besides being ideal for a holiday Facebook selfie, these activities are a healthy mix of exercise, family fun, and skill-based learning.

2. Try out an escape room. Murder mysteries, time traveling, and mind-boggling puzzles abound in these one-hour adventures. Add a spooky soundtrack and time crunch, and you’re all set for a thrilling afternoon indoors.

3. Visit a themed cafe. Theme cafes are those in which the concept of the restaurant takes priority over everything else, influencing the architecture, food, and overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant. Cat cafés, medieval restaurants, and sci-fi/fantasy diners are just a few examples of the hilarious fun you can get up to this winter.

4. Learn a new language. Learning a new language can broaden your understanding of different cultures and ideologies. Imagine being able to converse and identify with someone whom you had never met before. A shared language can often be enough of a commonality to spark friendship.

5. Write a short story. Everyone has a story. What’s yours? Whether you write fiction, poetry, or children’s books, writing can be an exciting window into an alternate universe and an escape from the dreary weather at your favourite coffee haunt.

6. Practice yoga or develop an exercise routine. There are a plethora of online tutorials on yoga sequences and body bootcamps. You can start with a simple sequence, such as the sun salutation or tree pose, and slowly work your way up. Another resource is Amanah Fitness, founded by Amina Khan, a Hamilton-based Muslim woman entrepreneur and fitness instructor. Their 30-day online body bootcamp is a fantastic way to shape up over the winter.

7. Attend a conference or show. Check your city listings to find a convention, show or event that you can go to with a friend or family member. It’s an awesome way to gain new understanding or a skill, pick up free giveaways, sample yummy food or shop for unique gifts.