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Back to School Dinner Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

After a long day of getting the kids to school, getting yourself to work, picking the kids up, and cleaning the house, the last thing you’ll have time for is making an extravagant dinner. But we have good news: dinner doesn’t need to take up half your night to be nutritious and delicious. Trust us, we’re serious students of easy meal solutions!

Follow our guaranteed tips on how to make dinnertime a breeze:

Get a Slow Cooker
In our humble opinion, the slow cooker is one of the greatest inventions of our time. From cooking classics like Tikka Masala to Chicken & White Bean Chili, the slow cooker can do it all! The greatest part? It cooks while you’re at work so you don’t have to rush home and worry about what to make – it’s already done! Say hello to fresh, hot meals and say goodbye to stress.

Try Prepared Meals
Prepared meals have come a long way since the days of frozen TV dinners. “Frozen” no longer has to feel like a bad word when it comes to making wholesome family meals, especially when the ability to throw a tasty meal in the oven with almost no prep can be a real sanity saver on school nights. The best way to be successful for back to school is developing a routine, and our favourite routine is making an amazing dinner every night. Lasagna is a family-favourite, but who has time to whip that up after a busy day? Definitely not us! Pair our delicious Chicken Lasagna with a salad and you have a quick and well-balanced meal for the whole family!

Get the Family Involved
Not only will getting your family involved in cooking dinner make it easier for you, but it’s also great bonding time! Cooking as a family allows you to connect with your kids, teach them problem solving, planning and organization. Best of all? It won’t leave you doing everything alone.

How do you make school night dinners a little easier and more family-focused? Share your thoughts with us over on the Zabiha Halal Facebook Page!

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