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Easy Breakfast Recipes

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this adage is especially true for kids. Studies show that when kids skip breakfast, their school suffers: they have difficulty concentrating and are more likely to miss class.

One of the best things you can do for your kids to help ensure success this school year is to feed them plenty of brain food right at the start of the day. Check out some of our breakfast faves so your whole family can start the day right!


Trail Blazer Skillet
You can’t go wrong with a classic (chicken) bacon-and-eggs breakfast! We created this version, which sneaks a healthy dose of vitamin-rich veggies into those tasty scrambled eggs!


Eggs & Breakfast Chicken Strips Bake
A classic breakfast like the Trailblazer Skillet is a great way to start the morning, but it can be tough to eat on the go, so we created a grab-and-go version with this Eggs & Breakfast Chicken Strips Bake so that the whole family can get a balanced breakfast, no cutlery required!


Blueberry & Breakfast Chicken Strips Flapjacks
Nothing says ‘the weekend’ like a big stack of pancakes for breakfast, but this pancake recipe is easy enough for every day, and it’s a great use of the last of the fresh blueberries as we say goodbye to summer and hello School! We’ve even put the chicken bacon right in the pancake to make them protein-packed!


Maple Chicken Bacon Twists
Sure, breakfast is important every single day, but there are some days that call for a special breakfast treat, and this sweet-and-salty bacon and French toast combo is perfect for those occasions. It’s still under 30-minutes start to finish, but it feels like a decadent restaurant breakfast from a French bistro, ooh la la!


Breakfast Burrito
We’re big on breakfasts you can eat with your hands, so this breakfast burrito is easily one of our favourites! We’ve added plenty of protein, with both our chicken bacon and deli slices, so this burrito is going to keep even the hungriest student feeling full until lunch time!


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