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New Mom’s Guide for Back to School

They always call it “back to school,” but what happens when it’s your first time sending your kid off to school and there’s no point of reference to go “back” to?

It’s impossible to predict all the thoughts, feelings and situations that will come up the first time you send your little one off for a full school day, but we’ve put together five things that almost all moms and dads feel so that you’ll know it’s not just you, all us parents are in this together!

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It’s Going to be Harder on You Than it is on Them
Yeah, we know that as parents that’s a phrase we use a lot, but it’s true! Be prepared to see more than a few teary-eyed parents in front of the school; you may even be one of them yourself, and that’s okay, we totally get it!

The Transition Will be Tough
Shifting from summer vacation mode back to school and work mode is tough for grown-ups at the best of times, but it’s extra tricky for parents making the school day transition for the first time. Don’t expect to get everything right the first time and be patient with both yourself and the kids, you’ll all get there!

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A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way
The first few days will be extra hectic while you all adjust to the new routines, but doing a few simple things the night before to prepare can make mornings run a lot more smoothly. Check out this post from Maple Lodge Farms for some great tips on getting back to school ready.

Everything’s Easier With a Friend
Kids will make friends at school, of course, but having a buddy who’s going through the same experiences can make the first days a little less daunting. This goes for parents, too! Finding another mom who’s about to send her little one off for the first time can help you feel less alone. You could also connect with a mom who’s already done the back-to-school thing a few times. A few conversations with someone who has been through the process before will help with some of those school time jitters!

And Remember, You Can do This!
Pretty soon, you’ll be the expert mom giving advice to next year’s crop of first timers!
What challenges did you face when sending your little ones off to school for the first time? Share them with us over on the Zabiha Halal Facebook Page!

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