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5 Easy Lunch Recipes

When the cooler weather hits, we all start craving a good, hearty lunch, whether it’s little kids in school, or us big kids at work. We’ve put together five of our favourite quick and easy recipes for a cozy, comforting lunch break!

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Pepperoni Pizza
Pizza for lunch is always a crowd-pleaser! You only need one of our pizza’s to make enough lunch for the whole family! Make it the evening before and leave it in the fridge because we all know cold pizza is the best pizza.

Spiced Chicken Wraps with Carrot Fries-028

Spiced Chicken Wraps with Carrot Fries
In our home, the only way to finish things up is to wrap them up! We just so happen to do the exact same thing with our lunches (see what I did there?). Wraps are a great way to get away from the typical lunch time sandwich sadness (not that there’s anything wrong with that). While the chicken cooks, you can literally get everything else in this recipe completed; leaving your kids full until dinner, and you with more time leftover than if you didn’t cook this for lunch, we guarantee it.


Sweet & Spicy Hot Dog Bites
For us, chicken hot dog season lasts all 5 seasons, which means we eat them all year around … and then some. The Asian-style sauce gives them a little sweet, a little heat, and helps you convince people that you’re not weird for eating chicken hotdogs from September – April. Pop them in a thermos for the kids, or yourself, and they’ll keep warm until lunch time!


Chicken Nuggets
What kid doesn’t love chicken nuggets? No kids, that’s who. They’re easy enough to cook that you can get it done during your morning routine. But unlike cold pizza, my family prefers their nuggets served warm, so thermos + nuggets = complete and total lunchtime happiness.


Grilled Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
Spicy, savoury, healthy and hearty … what else could you possibly want from a sandwich? This recipe is so easy and tasty it will become your favourite lunch to cook (and to eat of course too!). Pro tip: our recipe requires blue cheese dressing, but if your little ones are picky, ranch dressing works just as well!


What are your favourite go-to lunch options? Share them with us over on the Zabiha Halal Facebook Page!

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